Buddy Reads: Is it a facade?

Hey Pals!

So, one of my book resolutions this year was to engage in buddy reads to help spread my blog and insta with the community. I also wanted to make friends in the community and be able to actually talk about the books I’m reading with people other than myself.

On Goodreads, I have joined groups and found groups to buddy read my current read: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and The Assassin’s Blade also by Sarah J. Maas. I was excited to start the new year by reading a new series, from a new author(new to me at least) and new and different people to talk about it with.

I joined two separate groups and while my group for The Assassin’s Blade hasn’t started (we start the 15th), the one for ACOTAR  started on the 10th and no one has commented anything. I don’t know how these work so maybe the group recaps once everyone is done but there is only one person who updates what chapter she’s on everyday and no one responds. I just feel like the group is kind of a flop because theres like 10 people and only one person updates the group. I have tried to engage but even that one person doesn’t respond, they only post the chapter and opinion.

I’m going to give the ACOTAR group another week before I leave it and I have higher hopes for the buddy read on The Assassin’s Blade but don’t expect too much.


Ebooks: Is it the same rush?

Hi pals !

Recently I’ve been inquiring on purchasing an ereader as its lighter and more portable than a physical book. I was also interested in spending bucks as ebooks aren’t as expensive as paperbacks.

However, I was in a pickle as I didn’t know if I should choose between the Nook or the Kindle as both are highly praised and range similarly in price. Naturally, I did my research and asked other bibliophiles on their opinions and experiences with ereaders.

After ten days of doing my research and doing the pros and cons of an ereader, I concluded that I wanted one and would try to use it as I hope it will facilitate my reading and maybe allow me to read more frequently.

The question still remained in whether or not I’d get a kindle or a nook. The deciding factor for me was essentially battery life since I’m always on the go. Also, I wanted to obtain an ereader that was solely for books, hence why I didn’t take an iPad mini into consideration despite many recommendations. With a 4 hour charge, a nook will be set for six weeks assuming I read 30 minutes a day which realistically I won’t since I don’t have that much free time between school, my job, my community service, my boyfriend, and my best friend plus sleep and food. With a 4 hour charge, a Kindle is set for four weeks of battery life assuming 30 minutes as well.

Being that both provided a lengthy battery life and cost around the same, well the models I was debating on, I decided to stick to my loyalty with Barnes and Noble. I have been a regular consumer of theirs for almost 13 years and had easier access to face to face contact in case I had any questions.

Its been almost 5 days since I’ve purchased my nook and I started reading on it 2 days ago. I have started the ACOTAR series by Sarah J Maas on my baby nook which I have named Geronimo after my favorite childhood series: Geronimo Stilton. So far, I’m in love because of how small and easy it is to function and I have yet to charge it since the initial 4 hours and its only on 92% but thats because I have the brightness higher than the one attached to the six week battery life suggestion.

Overall, I think its a good investment and I love it. It was a Christmas present to myself and I’m very pleased with it. I would love some book recommendations and to hear y’alls experiences with them so please, I invite you to leave a comment 🙂

2018 TBR

Hey pals !

So, seeing as I barely read 2017, I’ve made it a goal to spend more time reading because its how I destress and I want to have an easy, positive and healthy year as I prepare to enter my twenties, the most important decade of everyone’s life. Anyway, that being said, I want to realistically set a list of books I wish to read. On Goodreads, I set a goal of 20 books to read this year. While I hope to exceed it, I found it more helpful to put books I already own or am expecting to receive soon (guaranteed) as well as series as one can’t simply just start and not finish. Here are my 20 TBR books for 2018!

  1. Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas
    1. The Assassin’s Blade
    2. Throne of Glass
    3. Crown of Midnight
    4. Heir of Fire
    5. Queen of Shadows
    6. Empire of Storms
    7. Tower of Dawn


  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas
    1. A Court of Thorns and Roses
    2. A Court of Mist and Fury
    3. A Court of Wings and Ruin


  1. The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare***
    1. City of Bones (2007)
    2. City of Ashes (2008)
    3. City of Glass (2009)
    4. City of Fallen Angels (2011)
    5. City of Lost Souls (2012)
    6. City of Heavenly Fire (2014)


  1. The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare***
    1. Clockwork Angel (2010)
    2. Clockwork Prince (2011)
    3. Clockwork Princess (2013)


  1. After by Anna Todd
    • This series has like 4 books but I don’t intend to read them, I read the fanfic when it was based on Harry Styles and I was 13. I intend to debrief this book and maybe do a comparison with 50 Shades of Grey if I get a chance to read it.


***According to one of my fav book tubers, EmmmaBooks, Cassandra Clare says the way to read her books is by publication order which is why I attached a year ***